Wacky Wanderers

exploring on the road as a family

Quartsite BLM camping near RV show

Quartsite was our new camping location.  Many of the full-time families were continuing onto another meet-up at the Bash in Lake Havasu.  However, not only did we not have tickets for this event, we also were ready to move onto a quieter setting for a bit.  Meeting up with lots of other families is nice but also overwhelming and tiring.  

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Since we were going to be on the road for Christmas, one of our good friends’ Mom, who lives in Colorado, so very graciously invited us to spend Christmas with the whole family (including our dear dear friends from Portland of course). We knew this was going to add a lot of long driving days to our trip but also couldn’t bear to be so close to them and not spend the holiday with them.

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Thanksgiving 2018

How in the world were we going to pull off a Thanksgiving dinner out in the middle of nowhere (boondocking outside of Sedona) with no hook-ups and no friends or extended family to spend it with?  Well, lucky for us we have the sun for power, great internet for Skyping and love from friends and family that travels wherever we go.  It’s like the book says, “Wherever you are my love will find you ” (If you’ve never read that book, you should!  If you’re anything like me, you’ll cry your eyes out).  

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