Wacky Wanderers

exploring on the road as a family

Living Desert State Park, NM

We started off our travel day to Carlsbad Caverns area by doing some much needed laundry in Roswell.  I tell you, there is a lot to be said for warm clean laundry.  Unfortunately my list of things to do in the morning was very lengthy and Justin’s was not therefore I had to give the laundry trust to him.  Justin is a very competent human being but for some reason the laundry gnomes like playing tricks on him.  Last time during this trip that I had Justin do laundry, one of FOUR pairs of the girls’ good wool socks disappeared.  I went over the protocol I use so that I am sure that no gnomes are playing tricks on me.  The result of this laundry trip with Justin in charge we gained one random sock!  Haha, I guess the gnomes felt sorry for getting him into such trouble with me last time so they tossed in an extra this time around. 😛

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White Sands National Monument and Oliver Lee State Park

We left Santa Fe in a morning snow storm and headed south toward White Sands. We found that Azul and Wobbles had great traction on the snowy roads as we didn’t slip once.  White Sands is quite a bit lower in elevation than Santa Fe so we didn’t have to drive long for the snow to turn from sleet to rain to nothing at all.  By the time we reached Oliver Lee State Park outside White Sands it was in the 70’s and t-shirt weather!  What a swing in temperature!  We were on the same path as the sweet family we met so we decided to travel together for a bit.  

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Back to Santa Fe, NM

Justin and I had been talking privately without the girls about keeping Kara verses bringing her back to the shelter where we originally found her.  The shelter was big about if the pet wasn’t a good fit within the first 30 days you could bring it back for a full refund.  I think they probably make this rule so that new owners don’t keep a pet out of money guilt when they know it’s a bad fit.  

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