Wacky Wanderers

exploring on the road as a family

Back to the United States

Our entrance back in the the US from Canada went much smoother than entering Canada.  No COVID testing or proof of our vaccinations needed for better or for worse.  On our drive from Waterton Lakes National Park in Canada to Glacier National Park in Montana we passed through Cardston (Alberta Canada) where a big billboard was advertising a carriage museum (the world’s largest collection!). Seeing that it wasn’t a particularly long driving day we took the bait and stopped.

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Waterton Lakes International Peace Park

We were now headed to Waterton Lakes International Peace Park which is the Canadian side of Glacier National Park.  How great that two countries can share the upkeep of such a special piece of land.  

On our journey to the park we were able to stock up a little on fresh veggies.  Once in the park there would only be tiny grocery stores which we were guessing wouldn’t have a lot of fresh things.

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Banff National Park: Day 2 – Johnson Canyon, Cave & Basin

We decided to keep the girls on US Pacific Time rather than switching them to Mountain Time.  This meant we were getting up a bit on the late side but getting to enjoy later evenings.  Despite the “late” starts in the morning we were luckily able to find parking and take our planned hikes. For our first full day in the park we decided to explore Johnson Canyon and Cave & Basin.

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