Wacky Wanderers

exploring on the road as a family

Our Stay in San Felipe, Mexico

Our revised plans were to stay in Mexico for two weeks rather than two months.  We knew the first week we would stay at Victor’s RV Park (in San Felipe) on the Sea of Cortez, however, we weren’t sure where we would stay the second week of our trip.  We toyed with the idea of cutting west to check out Ensenada then going back out through Tecate (to avoid going through Tijuana as we heard this not only is a very busy border crossing but not the safest area either).  In the end we decided to stay in the same place for 2 weeks because of the great location, walkability, having kids for the girls to play with there and to decrease driving.

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Rocky Point Mexico

While we were boondocking in the Tucson area we met a lovely family who had kiddos just a little bit older than our girls. The kids totally hit it off to the point where we didn’t see a whole lot of our oldest when we were camping there. Half of the time they were adventuring around the land and the other half of the time they were playing in a Palo Verde tree. It was pretty sweet and our oldest was able to sport a handful of new bandaids each day! Ah, the prickly desert. We learned that the family we met had a boat down in Mexico that they lived on for half of the year. They very kindly invited us to follow them down to Mexico to check out the area while they were preparing their boat.

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