Wacky Wanderers

exploring on the road as a family

The Flood

Before we bought Crow Farm we were told that flooding sometimes happens here. The flood plane goes into the hayfields a bit but doesn’t reach the house. It’s one thing to see pictures and hear stories, it’s another thing to actually see it with your own eyes.

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FullTime Families Rally in the US

I took a little break from blogging because frankly, I was feeling pretty miserable and overwhelmed with the new needs our family had to be a functional, loving and supportive family with a kiddo with a broken leg.  Every time I sat down to write I only had negative words pouring from my fingertips so I decided to take a hiatus until our family got to a more positive place.  

The Fulltime Families Rally of 23 other families was a bit overwhelming to say the least.  This was our first rally so we didn’t really know what to expect.  I knew before we arrived that they had some kids crafts and games scheduled as well as parent discussion group times and group potlucks.  I was looking forward to some structure with someone else planning activities.  I love creating crafts for the girls but the escalated needs of the family as a whole had increased recently and I was ready for a break.

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