So, the girls were able to play with friends for a total of about 2 hours throughout the entire time we were in Lake Havasu for the balloon festival and somewhere within that time the flu was picked up.  Ahhh! 

We have never ALL been sick at the same time before so this was quite a whammy.  Our sweet oldest was up her first night throwing up.  We all had high fevers for about 4 days that would spike when our medicine wore off.  Thankfully our little one got the least of the symptoms.  We all were surviving off fever reducing medicines, popcorn (or at least when we could keep it down) and other bland foods.  My sister was an angel and let us use her Disney+ account to watch movies while we were shivering, puking, sweating bullets or coughing on our bed.  We watched movies ALL DAY for 3 days!!  We stayed in the same clothes and didn’t get up for much.  It was awful! We made Justin and my bed into a pillow/blanket nest for all of us.

Sadly, we couldn’t stay any longer at our BLM camping spot in Lake Havasu because our tanks were full!  So, we had to travel to Quartzsite while feeling really icky.  Thankfully Justin was feeling a bit better that day so he drove while I concentrated on not throwing up in the front while the girls laid low in the back listening to podcasts.  It was a long day!

Our isolated BLM spot outside Quartzsite

It started off with the classic flu symptoms; fever, nausea, vomiting, aching body, no energy… but after 4 days of that we all got a nasty mucus cough that lasted for weeks after.  Apparently bronchitis often is coupled with the flu virus. Lovely. The thing about the flu that we’re learning is that when we feel like we are almost back to normal again and start in on a typical day routine the flu rears its ugly head again telling us we haven’t won yet. Our little one was so wiped that 4 nights in a row she fell asleep on my lap during reading time prior to bed.  

On the second to last day we were in Quartzsite (after a week of recovery) Justin and our oldest one braved the RV Show.  Our little one and I were deemed not well enough.  They had fun but it was exhausting for them.

Checking out an RV bunk at the Quartzsite RV show

The next day we all went.  We looked through many of the campers, quickly passed through the crowds in the main tent, where they have vendors selling all kinds of things, and to the amazing discount grocery store we were looking forward to returning to this year.  The discount store is actually a tent set up within Tyson Wells Market area.  The owners are SO super sweet and they sell great stuff!  Their items are mostly expired therefore extremely cheap.  This year I found the medicated shampoo I use for $3 where it is usually $9 in the store.  It’s a great place!

It was nice to finally get out of Wobbles after so many days of being cooped up but we were all totally worn out within a couple hours.  After Quartzsite we headed back to Yuma for our oldests’ final appointment at the orthopedist.