Wacky Wanderers

exploring on the road as a family

Yuma AZ and Los Algodones

After being off grid camping for about a week we were ready to move onto our next spot.  We decided to head to Yuma with plans to camp there while we crossed the border to Mexico on foot to all get our dental cleanings done.  We heard from many on the road that there is a hub in Los Algedones, Mexico where there are dozens of dentist offices to choose from who do great work for not a lot of money.  

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Quartsite BLM camping near RV show

Quartsite was our new camping location.  Many of the full-time families were continuing onto another meet-up at the Bash in Lake Havasu.  However, not only did we not have tickets for this event, we also were ready to move onto a quieter setting for a bit.  Meeting up with lots of other families is nice but also overwhelming and tiring.  

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Death Valley National Park

We were expecting this park to be open but without camping options, bathrooms or Visitor Center perks such as maps, advice, trail updates and the Jr Ranger Program due to the government shutdown. However, we were excited to find that the park’s partner non-profit organization had funded a skeleton crew of park rangers to work during the government shut down. The rangers were also keeping the bathroom maintained at the Visitor Center during hours of operation. It was so very kind and we were so thankful for these things. Boy, this park was amazing! I’m so glad we didn’t miss it.

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BLM camping in Nevada

Our first sightings of Joshua Trees on this trip! They are such funny looking things. We found a great little spot to camp, Lovell Canyon Dispersed Campground, on off a semi-trafficked paved road. This spot provided a nice place to enjoy nature after the Vegas whirl wind. We also experienced two things we hadn’t planned on. One terrifying and the other magical.

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