Wacky Wanderers

exploring on the road as a family

Prepping for our long trip

Man!  This summer has been jam packed with projects!  For most of the summer Justin went back to work so we could pay off Azul.  This meant we would see him in the morning as he was headed out the door to work, he would come home usually in time for dinner, scarf his food to then rush outside to work on projects until dark.  Weekends were different only in that he wasn’t going to work at his office.  Instead he worked from a respectable hour in the AM, as we have our Airbnb guests to consider, until dark.  

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Fixing the Inverter / Charger Power Loop in our Airstream

Last year I installed an inverter in our 2018 Airstream Sport 22FB. The inverter has worked awesome so far, but I did create one problem. When the inverter was turned on it would power the battery charger, created a power loop that quickly drained the battery unless we manually turned off the charger at the breaker panel. In this post, I finally fix the problem.

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Building out the kitchen of our Sprinter van

When we bought our van, Azul, from its previous owner it had already been partially converted into an RV by Sportsmobile. Additionally, the previous owner had built a large counter for food prep, etc. However, the van did not have a good table for the 4 of us to share a meal inside (for cold mornings, rainy days, etc.). It also didn’t have a fridge or water source.

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