Wacky Wanderers

exploring on the road as a family

Crescent City, CA & Ocean World Aquarium

From the Redwoods National and State Parks we headed north to Crescent City where there was another ranger station where the girls could turn in their Jr Ranger booklets and take their pledge. While in the town we saw the Shoreline RV Campground. Since it was within a short walk to the visitor center and it was approaching dinner time, we decided to stay there for the night.

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Elk Prairie and Redwoods National/State Parks

This was the third day that the rain had been staying steady here in California.  Where there are big trees, there is rain.  We stayed in the scenic yet soggy Elk Prairie Campground within Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park for one night. The drive from Santa Rosa to the Redwood State Park was greatly flooded due to the heavy rain.

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Touring the Living Vehicle

Justin had made an appointment a couple days prior for us to all tour the Living Vehicle. The Living Vehicle is a camper/tiny home that is very well built and laid out. The guy who started the company and created the design used to remodel Airstreams. He took what he didn’t care for and what he loved in Airstreams and created the Living Vehicle which is designed to be lived in full time.

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