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Installing a dimmable bathroom light in our Airstream

Our 2018 Airstream Sport 22 came with great bright-white LED lighting that makes it feel sunny inside the camper even when it’s a bit cloudy outside. However, when it’s evening time and we’re trying to settle down, those lights are way too bright, and we found we were using battery operated lights and candles instead. That’s why I installed a dimmable light in the bathroom before our big trip.

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Getting Warranty work done on our Airstream

In mid-December I made an appointment at the Las Vegas Airstream dealer to get some work done on Wobbles, our Airstream, at the beginning of January. We knew we would be in Vegas since Sarah’s mom was visiting, and we were coming up on the 1-year anniversary of our Airstream purchase and wanted to get a last round of warranty work done before our warranty expired.

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Giving our Airstream a lift

The Airstream Sport 22 unfortunately comes out of the factory with very low ground clearance.  The grey water tank hangs down below the frame of the camper at the rear, where it drags pulling into and out of driveways that have more than a negligible slope.  More than once we’ve winced as the tank made a terrible grinding sound as it dragged across the asphalt on the way out of a gas station parking lot.  It was time to give this Airstream a lift.

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Airstream electrical system upgrade: Phase I

The electrical system that our 2018 Airstream Sport 22′ camping trailer came from the factory with was pretty basic.  It had a single open cell lead-acid battery capable of powering the lights, the furnace blower, water pump, stereo, and a few USB outlets.  However, it didn’t come with an inverter, needed to run any AC appliances (microwave, toaster, blender, etc) while off grid.  It also came with only a very basic voltage-based battery monitor that doesn’t give much information about how much battery capacity is being used or is remaining.  In this post, I’ll describe the first set of electrical system upgrades we’ve installed in the trailer.

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