Our sweet neighbor told us about a lovely little outdoor, physically distanced music venue. Since it was our little one’s 5th birthday the weekend of the concert and we had our sweet friends over to celebrate, timing seemed perfect!

At the drive in concert, two great bands played while people basically treated it like a drive in theater. Some people stayed in their vehicles the whole time while enjoying the music and others stayed just outside their cars listening on a picnic blanket or camp chair. We were lucky enough to have our good friends with us as we all soaked in the tranquil melodies while the kids frolicked in the field, dancing to the music. I had promised the girls that I would curl their hair and this seemed like the perfect venue to do it. The 3 girls took turns pausing to get their hair rolled in curlers for the night. They each picked their head scarf to wear and continued in the dancing festivities. What fun! I love that music venues like this are thinking outside the box and able to safely give a concert.

Our little 5 year old was a very lucky lady since she was able to celebrate her birthday twice. Once with our friends and once on her real birthday. For breakfast she wanted eggs, toast (“with a great deal of butter”) and kale. Reasonable and delicious! For her birthday dessert she requested a giant brownie for her birthday “cake.” It was funny really because she is in a phase where she says things are her favorite or requests certain foods without really knowing what they are or necessarily liking them. So, she happened to have brownies on the brain when I asked her what she’d like me to make her for her birthday dessert. In reality, she only was excited about it on her birthday and declined all further pieces. Ha! Justin and I got our fill of brownies, that’s for sure.

Justin also got in a little claustrophobic under the house crawling in on our 5 year old’s birthday. The crawl spaces are just that. Not booty-up crawl spaces but turn your head sideways to fit through crevasses and army crawl on your belly crawl spaces. Not fun! Justin had to go down there so he could run ethernet cables to get our modem off our porch where it was temporarily. He’s taking one for the team!

Our birthday girl got lots of handmade gifts from her sweet older sister who spent many hours creating wonderful gifts for her. It warms my heart that the girls enjoy making others special things. The best part of making a gift for others is to see the joy it brings them! The birthday girl also got to Zoom with family while she opened her gifts which is always a highlight of the girls’ birthdays. How we wish our family could have celebrated with us at Crow Farm. We miss them so very much!!

I let the girls choose all the food and activities on their birthday so one of our 5 year olds’ birthday wishes was to garden. We replanted the girls’ pea and bean starts (just for fun since they probably won’t have time to produce) with her new garden gloves. We made a schooling lesson out of painting in the garden together, Monet style. It was so lovely!

It was a memorable and enjoyable birthday weekend for all.