The last week has been a flurry of activity as we prepare for our 6-month journey.  All of that preparation comes to an end tomorrow, when we “soft launch”– aka, camp in our friends’ driveway.

It seemed like there was no end to the things we could dream up to add to our to-do list as we prepared for this trip.  Not only were we preparing to live in our camper for half a year, but we were also preparing our house for rent and our accessory-dwelling-unit AirBnB to continue operating without us.

All this preparation has had a noticeable effect on the girls’ behavior– they seem like they’ve been at each-others’ throats more than usual, perhaps an outward display of the emotions they are feeling inside.  We hope to soon find a rhythm on the road. 

As just a sample of some of the things we did to prepare:

  1. Refinished the deck and garage doors
  2. Painted the front porch
  3. Bought a washer & dryer for the AirBnB
  4. Changed our home insurance from home owners to landlord
  5. Changed our car insurance for our Honda Fit to ‘storage insurance’ and put our car in storage
  6. Built 2 storage rooms in the basement
  7. Moved all of our belongings that we’re not bringing into the basement storage rooms
  8. Deep cleaned the house
  9. Created a Last Will and Testament (seemed like we should have one in place before driving all over the country)
  10. …. and lots more

But we’re almost done!  The trailer is out on the street ready to drive way.  Tomorrow morning we just need to do a few things (final cleaning of house, get our wills notarized) and then we’ll head over to our good friends’ house with our trailer and camp out in their driveway for the night (so our girls can have one last playdate with their best friends).

Saturday morning we’ll head out into the great unknown!