After B, b, b, Boise, Boise (to the beat of Poison, Bell Biv DeVoe; this is what our soundtrack has been while were passing through the big B), we headed into Twin Falls, Idaho.  Here we extended our stay from one to two nights to give the girls some down time. 

After the two hour car ride to the city of Twin Falls we took advantage of the beautiful sunny fall day to let the girls ride bikes and play on the campground playground.  To their great delight, they found a woodlouse bug which they absolutely LOVE back at home.  They spent all early evening building a “play gym” for their woodlouse friend.  The girls were able to play fairly far from our campsite yet in view of my knitting station.  It gave them some independence and gave me some free time.

The campground we stayed at, Rock Creek RV Park, was beautiful.  It had a great paved running/walking/biking trail along a lovely river, lovely grass areas to play in, small and large picnic areas and two playgrounds along the way.  It was absolutely lovely!  This was a stark charge from the last campsite we stayed in while in Boise.  We were not packed in like sardines, there weren’t people smoking 5 ft from our door and no domestic disputes so…great!  Thanks for setting the bar high Boise KOA.  🙂

Our second day in Twin Falls was a little rainy as we had expected but by the time we got going for the day the rain had stopped.  Our neighbor at the campground, a lovely couple and fellow Airstreamers, told us about a great local farmers market just down the road.  Here we replenished our supply of fresh veggies, fresh eggs and satisfied our cravings with two small raspberry pies (Mom, they never hold a candle to yours…I miss you and your pies!) and some delicious homemade bread.

Next we visited the magnificent Shoshone Falls.  This place was outstandingly beautiful!  As a viewer you stand on the top most cliffs and look down at the water cascading down incredibly tall rocks into beautiful still water below.  Although the water wasn’t flowing much when we were there, it was gorgeous none-the-less.  Seeing that much water in the river below in such an otherwise dry landscape makes it that much more amazing.  We went on an unmarked trail along the rim of the falls which gave even greater views.  The girls both walked on their own two feet earning their dimes yet were preoccupied with a new found woodlouse friend to take in the views. 😛 Happy kids equal happy parents.  

We then spent the evening at the Faulkner Planetarium and museum.  It was a show about Perseus and Andromeda.  After the show was over they gave us a tour of the current night sky which was amazing and also made me realize those Greeks sure had an imagination!  Our 5 year old loved it yet our 3 year old was asking when it would be over before it even started.  She kept asking, “When is this show done? Why is it so dark?  Are we moving?”  The museum was small but had so many hands on activities for the kids to help them learn more about the natives who lived in this area.  

Our last day we started off our day with a family run on the lovely campground trail and all the ladies got showers!  It’s a pretty funny production.  The littles are passed in and out of my shower then dried by Daddy and dressed.  At one point we had all 4 of us in our little bathroom which was hilarious!  Fresh and clean for our long car trip into Utah!

Side Note

Throughout our trip we have not once so far found a place to recycle!  I find this so hard to believe!  We have seen places that recycle aluminum cans but nothing else.  We have been keeping our recycling in hopes of finding a place but with no luck.  The sweet campground neighbors who I mentioned earlier were so kind and offered to take our recycling to their local family member’s home where they have recycling pick-up.  So very sweet!  When I told our oldest about the recycling dilemma her response was shock horror, “You mean, they want us to throw our recycling into the landfill?!  That’s nasty!”  Haha!  Such a good Portlander. 🙂