Our trip with my Mom had been planned very differently than what it ended up like as far as places to explore. The plan was to explore National areas nearby Vegas but alas, the Government was shut down! We were able to visit Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, but weren’t able to explore it as much as we had hoped.

We entered Red Rock Canyon and learned that the gates were open yet the campground which we had hopped to stay at was closed due to shutdowns. Sadly this meant that we had to pass up the most popular and more scenic trails because the campgrounds being closed meant that we were still towing Wobbles and finding a spot big enough for both Dimes and Wobbles (40′ together) was difficult.

We did however, find a nice trail not too far off the beaten track. The trail required that we park in a lower parking lot (with room for Dimes and Wobbles) and walk 1/2 mile to the trail head. Well, the girls had clearly been spoiled in Vegas in the stroller or in our arms all day because the walk to the trail head was slow going to say the least. We had lots of sit-ins from our 3 year old. Yet with frequent “swings” from the adults, songs, holding hands and other various encouragement we made it to the trail head.

“My legs are tired!”

The trail was a nice stroll through the desert giving us lovely views of the cacti and low shrubs. The backdrop was of some beautiful tall hills with varying geological clues of the past. Some hills were stripes of grey and yellow while others were red speckles with black.

Once on the trail, Justin, Mom and I were pouring out our tricks to keep our littles moving forward. I’ll tell you what, we listened to A LOT of knock knock jokes! Good thing Grammy has a lot of patience. It was actually pretty funny. We made it on the trail with only one kiddo poop! Not bad. Let this be a lesson to all parents with small children. Never enter a trail without supplies for an emergency poop stop. It doesn’t matter if they just went before you started the trail. There is something in their bodies that triggers the emergency poop button just as you are too far on the trail to turn back. It’s always an adventure!

Red Rock Canyon, we’ll have to check back with you on another adventure trip.

Lunch break after the hike