As so many others are feeling during the pandemic, we were needing some outdoor time to uplift our spirits.  Before the stay at home order was in place for Oregon (March 21st), our family decided to go on a hike at our local arboretum where there are many trails many of which are wide.  

Getting the girls out of the house after being cooped up for a while is always a bit challenging.  Once they are out they have a blast!  So, we lured them out by all dressing like bears.  Ha, obviously.  

When we started off on our hike it was pretty chilly so the big furry costumes were perfectly comfortable.  However, the sun soon came out and we all were pealing off our furry heads and furry skin.  

It got us out of the house while staying safe and gave us and those who saw us a well needed good laugh.  Mission accomplished!