As you saw in our last post, we had quite the laundry saga so our day to explore Tucson became the day to retrieve laundry and let the girls play.

Justin ended up leaving around 7:30am to fix his mistake. Justin and I contemplated having the girls and I dropped off downtown to explore while Justin got the laundry, but because the drive to the laundromat was 5 hours round trip with no traffic we decided against it. And boy, I’m so glad we did!

The girls and I took advantage of the day by packing it full of baking, crafting and playing. The girls spent the morning climbing Buttercup (the tree they named last time we were at this spot) while I prepped the day’s activities.

We started the morning off with a “snow” ball fight in Wobbles. It was a blast! We each had two giant tinsled puff balls to throw at each other. We giggled so much! And we didn’t even get wet or cold. :).

Puff ball fight inside Wobbles

Next, our littlest and I baked two giant peanut butter cookies which turned out pretty good. Peanut butter cookies aren’t my favorite but we knew Daddy would like them.

Giant peanut butter cookie

While we were baking Kira was up in Buttercup playing mountain lion. And apparently in order to play a mountain lion properly you have to cover your face with black coal from the fire!

Playing Mountain Lion

The girls ate a quick snack before embarking on a rescue mission to get our littlest’s favorite stuffed animal down from Buttercup. Our oldest informed me, “we have to practice rescuing things like stuffed animals so that when there is a real animal trapped that needs our help, we’ll know how to do it.” Seems logical.

Bun bun rescue mission

I then painted the girls feet and hands to make prints which we turned into cardinals and snow people. The girls had so much fun painting for about an hour on the beautiful sunny day under the dappled light of Buttercup. We also made time to make special wands and owl ornaments made partly from our craft supplies and partly from our sweet Buttercup’s old branches. These will become Christmas gifts for friends and family.

Toward the evening our youngest created a store inside Wobbles that sold everything for a dollar. This was even better than the Dollar Store, people! The store clerk, who went by the name of Rosie Revere, was chipper as can be. Crafting makes these ladies very happy!!

Dollar store in Wobbles

Well, evening rolled around and by 4:30pm Justin had returned with our freshly washed and dried lost laundry!! Hurray!! It was all there!! What an amazing couple that ran that laundromat to go above and beyond for us. We were so glad to have our things back!

I’d call it a successful day with the girls and I having a great time creating holiday cheer and Justin getting some time to himself and getting our clothing back.