Though traveling and exploring has been a new thing for us here since we’ve moved to Crow Farm, we recently had a big trip to the East Coast that we couldn’t miss. My little sister got married!! It was a glorious trip finally seeing family after over 2 years!

Two years in kiddo years is A LOT and so much had changed with the girls and family. We didn’t do the rounds of seeing all our friends in the area due to COVID but the girls and I saw some local folks who were vaccinated that we hadn’t seen in years. There’s nothing like hugging and catching up with family!

My sister’s wedding was just lovely! I couldn’t have imagined a more beautiful bride and lovely ceremony. The food was delicious, decorations were elegant and there were great people to catch up with. The week before the wedding it was blistering hot weather in the 90’s each day and then just days before the wedding a cold front came in and the temperature dropped to the low 40’s with rain and wind! It was wisely a wonderful outdoor barn wedding but all the girls had dresses that were appropriate for warm weather.

The day before the wedding we all came to terms with the fact that the weather forecast was not changing. I scoured the local stores trying to find long sleeved shirts the girls could wear under their dresses but alas, it was off season so none could be found. Thankfully some stores still sold blankets! So, I ended up making the girls each fuzzy white shirts to go under their dresses and still had enough fabric left for a good sized blanket! Total win! Two flower girl dresses, two fuzzy long sleeved shirts, one brides maid dress and one wedding gown. Check! I also got the privilege to sing at my sister’s wedding ceremony and reception which was so special. And, I didn’t burst out crying in the middle of my songs (I waited until after) so it was a success!

Justin was the wedding DJ and he rocked it! He worked to sound upbeat and time the music to wedding party entrances. I think this guy has a new gig to put on his resume! Justin also had a birthday while we were on the East Coast and on his first full day with us too. The girls were thrilled to see him after being apart for a week and a half. Such a memorable trip to the East Coast. I hope I succeeded in talking some friends and family into coming to visit Crow Farm!