We were hoping to meet some more of the Fulltime Families a couple days before the rally since we figured it might be a little overwhelming to meet up with 23 other families at the same time. Therefore, we headed to Yuma to camp on BLM land at Mittry Lake outside of Yuma AZ (near where the rally was due to start in a few days). It worked out nicely that there were two families there when we arrived and another two arrived for the last two days of boon docking.  

Mittry Lake BLM land, Yuma

It was nice for the girls to be able to interact with some other kids.  Our 4 year old was brave enough to go off with some of the kids herself without us which was a really big deal.  Justin and I also enjoyed meeting a couple of new families and having some adult conversations which is always a treat.

Camped next to another Fulltime Family

We had all been waiting to meet up with other families on the road throughout the trip.  The girls were excited to go off and play with other kids and Justin and I were looking forward to the freedom/break it would give us and a chance to have some adult time.  However, this all changed dramatically when our oldest broke her leg.  In a quick instant she needed our constant care and attention.  She could not put any weight on her broken leg therefore she needed us ALL THE TIME! Even using the bathroom on her own was not possible due to Wobble’s elevated potty.  We bought a wagon that people can pull her around in but that also comes with risks if other kids are pulling her around.  Heaven for bid she fall out and hurt her leg even more!  At this point she was still in a lot of pain.  

The reality about this experience was that having a kid with a broken leg and a fairly consistent negative outlook on things stinks!  It was painful and for the first 2 weeks an absolute miserable experience.  It was nice to meet new people but a challenging situation for sure.  

Another saving grace was that the BLM spot was an amazing location just off a little desert oasis.  The place was downright tropical next to the water with palm trees to complete the ambiance.

We all enjoyed sneaking away to go watch the ducks on the oasis.  There was even one duck, the only white one we saw, who was brave enough to go pretty close to the girls which made their hearts swell.  It’s the little things.  Thanks little duck!  You made our day.