Wacky Wanderers

exploring on the road as a family

Carpinteria State Beach and Santa Barbara, CA

Just a little ways from the Channel Islands National Park Visitors Center we found a great group of campgrounds at Carpinteria State Beach. They were named after the Channel Islands and were located on the beach with lots of grassy areas to play on and access to a bike path that led right into town! The only down side, which was a big loud one, was the train tracks, with passenger trains that blasted horns blaring just past Wobbles. Ha!

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Anzo-Borrego Desert State Park, CA

Off we went on the bumpy roads to the second largest state park in the US. I was glad that our oldest and I got some schooling done in the morning before we left because these roads were nauseating! Lucky for our little girl’s stuffed bunny, Bun Bun, she reaped the benefits of getting two new outfits out of the drive! One outfit made from yet another pair of pants and socks that have been destroyed and a bathing suit made from a piece of my old bathing suit.

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Olympic Peninsula Trip Days 3-6: Fort Worden State Park & Port Townsend

For the second stop on our 2 week Olympic Peninsula trip we drove 1 hour from Dosewallips State Park up to Fort Worden State Park in Port Townsend.  Since it was a Monday, we didn’t make reservations and assumed we’d have no problem finding a site.  As it turned out when we arrived there were only 2 sites available for the 4-day stretch that we wanted to stay (at-least at the more popular beach campground), so we considered ourselves lucky to have snagged one!  We loved Fort Worden and the surrounding Port Townsend– there was so much to explore that we couldn’t see it all in our 4 day visit.

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Olympic Peninsula Trip Days 1-2: Dosewallips State Park

We’ve started our next “test trip” with the girls in our new camping rig, “Wobbles” the Airstream and “Dimes” the van (which has recently been given this name by our 4-year-old).  We’re exploring the Olympic Peninsula and Olympic National park for 2+ weeks.  Since our girls don’t make driving long distances particularly easy or pleasant, we’re trying to break up the drives as much as possible.  Therefore, we reserved the last available campsite at Dosewallips State Park, part way up the peninsula,  in order break up our drive up to the North-Eastern corner of the peninsula. 

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