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exploring on the road as a family

Las Vegas

Just to let you folks know, I’m not a fan of Las Vegas. Justin and I have been here twice, both on our honeymoon as a break from National Parks. The architecture and art of the casino’s and the amazing shows Vegas has are it’s only highlights in my opinion. That being said, they also often have cheap flights and that is why we found ourselves here! We were picking up my lovely Mom to spend a week with us!! Hurray!!! We were so excited!

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Santa Fe, NM

This was part of our trip where we were trying to get from warm weather to our chilly Colorado Christmas destination with little stops along the way. We wanted to breeze through the cold weather as swiftly as possible with some effort in not making it feel miserable.

We spent about a day and a half in Santa Fe. It’s a cute city that we definitely enjoyed!

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Tucson BLM Camping

As you saw in our last post, we had quite the laundry saga so our day to explore Tucson became the day to retrieve laundry and let the girls play.

Justin ended up leaving around 7:30am to fix his mistake. Justin and I contemplated having the girls and I dropped off downtown to explore while Justin got the laundry, but because the drive to the laundromat was 5 hours round trip with no traffic we decided against it. And boy, I’m so glad we did!

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Rocky Point Mexico

While we were boondocking in the Tucson area we met a lovely family who had kiddos just a little bit older than our girls. The kids totally hit it off to the point where we didn’t see a whole lot of our oldest when we were camping there. Half of the time they were adventuring around the land and the other half of the time they were playing in a Palo Verde tree. It was pretty sweet and our oldest was able to sport a handful of new bandaids each day! Ah, the prickly desert. We learned that the family we met had a boat down in Mexico that they lived on for half of the year. They very kindly invited us to follow them down to Mexico to check out the area while they were preparing their boat.

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Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument

While we were in Tucson, we made a last minute change of plans to head down to Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) Mexico.  Since the drive from Tucson to Puerto Penasco was to be 3.5 hours, we decided to break it up by making a one night stop at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.  Not only was it a beautiful park and campground, it allowed us to dump and top-off our fresh water tanks before making the trek into Mexico.

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Out of Africa Wildlife Park

In the greater Phoenix area there are so many museums, zoos and other adventures to choose from.  Since that could get really pricey, we decided to just pick one.  A perk to choosing this wildlife park was that I got in for free since it was by birthday month!  How nice!  This lowered the cost significantly and made us feel better about choosing this adventure over others.  We had a great time at this park, with a 17-foot Python that we could pet being the highlight!

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